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Anything is possible.

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With our partners YOO Krivaja Homes we develop your projects combining our knowledge, innovative design and cutting-edge technology to create buildings of iconic design and exceptional quality. Together we offer the unprecedented ratio of quality and value for any size and project type.

We have a capacity to build one home within weeks or a whole community within months.

Game Changers

Krivaja Homes manufacture designed, bespoke homes and commercial buildings from best materials in timber industry. Their long legacy of timber craftsmanship, knowledge and experience of engineers, outstanding achievements in residential and commercial built and quality of their products speak for themselves.

YOO’s mission is to improve the way people live, work and play in the built environment. Six leading designers, with six unique visions and the one aim: to create extraordinary living, working and hotel spaces. YOO’s design can increase value of projects by up to 30%.


We offer you an array of services to help you turn your vision to reality. 

Desing, Construction, Management.


YOO is a creative force behind beautiful and renowned design of amazing spaces, inspiring the feeling that anything is possible. YOO lifts built environments to the most imaginative heights of design. A global brand that designs local. Sustainability is at the heart of everything they do. Their love and respect for our planet is reflected in materials and building system they choose for their projects.


Krivaja Homes  is one of the finest offsite manufacturers of closed panel timber frame, Glulam building systems and joinery, offering the highest quality, versatile building elements for any size or type of real estate projects. Krivaja Homes crafts and manufactures buildings offsite for over 70 years and has completed over 700 projects in more than 30 countries and across 4 continents.


Our team tailor services to fit your needs, project's size and desired level of completion for over 30 years. An astounding project is not the result of a single brilliant idea, nor the beauty of its environment, the ingenuity of its designers or the craftsmanship of its contractors. It depends on all of these elements being brought together in perfect harmony and that is exactly what we doo.